About Us

With five consecutive generations of butchers, it is hard to imagine any other focus in the generations to follow. And yet, there is one major difference in the product that Brass&Knuckle provides to its guests. Besides giving the latter the possibility to purchase a selection of the best sourced meat and cook it at home, Brass&Knuckle was also created to give diners the opportunity to sit down, relax and have the meat cooked for you to perfection.


Our experience as butchers has taught us in great detail. We are fully aware of the type of meat people want to eat, and we have used this information to make sure we give our guests the opportunity to enjoy their favourite cuts, cooked to perfection, in a welcoming environment. In addition to this, we have dedicated a lot of time to propose a curated selection of cheese, a series of accompanying dishes and a well balanced wine list to ensure our guests can enjoy a complete experience.

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